Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bachan as tour ambassidor!!!
There are some political reasons behind Bachan as Kerala tourism ambassidor.Even i am opposite to left party, but i strongly support CPM decision on this.Why Bachan have to be the ambassidor of both Gujarath and Kerala? If he want to become the ambassidor of kerala, he first resign his duty as tourism ambassidor of Gujarath.Otherwise it is not meaningful.
If Bachan is becoming Kerla tourism ambassior it will be like Mumbai Indians and IPL team for Puneboth wants Sachin as captain.Is it possible to have same captain for 2 IPL teams?Since Gujarath and Kerla have to compete in domestic indusrty for there position in tourism mapwe both need good ambassidor, but not the same.What you think guys..
I am not personally opposite to Bachan, Bachan can become tour ambassidor of India, he can become bollywood icon of either Mumbai or Pune,similarly he can become tour ambassidor of either Gujarath or Kerala...
Even the decision taken by kerala goverment is true, the approach taken by them is not correct.They know Bachan is already occupied with Gujarath, not with Modi, why they went back for bachan?Or they can ask Bachan to come outside Gujarath to become the ambassidor of Kerala...
Hats off to the decison, not aprocah !!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vodafone personal assistance
Very happy to help you guys!!!Today i got message from vodafone that personal assistance call to customer care(111)will charge 50p/3 minutes.But dont worry, since i am privilaged customer there will not be any charge for me in home.Happy to heard this.
Have to call happy to help desk today for more details.
I dont know this feature only in Tamil Nadu circle or all over India.